Monday, 18 June 2012

When I told ...

This post is free style translation from russian blogger. But according to my feelings it is applicable to the most from European market. Bellow I should be You as well, I hope so)

When I told that we must invest into Community and User Groups you've been investing into table tennis. Now we have a lot of average tennis players but zero communities.

When I told that you can not lure IT dudes into conferences with help of cookies and buns - you bought pizza, t-shirts and presented iPads. For now every event is starting from the search of "free honey". By the same events are coming to an end.

When I told that we should invest into professional trainings, you continued to give money for the recommendations (bounty). And now nobody is working but all give recommendations.

When I told that you should not pay thousands of dollars to those who do not know how an abstract class is different from the interface, you continued to pay them. For now all are earning thousands of dollars, but what the fuck - nobody knows what is difference between abstract class and interface.

When I told that we need to write technical articles, you continue to read and discuss the company's offices on the Now is in chocolate but nobody writes technical articles.

When I told - do not call everybody "Senior" you continue to create them. Now there is bunch of 23-year-old Seniors and still nobody has clue where is the fucking differens between abstract class and interface.

When I said that people are over processes, you've been continued in organisation for parties and establishing of agile scrum-board. Now we have an absolute scrum but projects are still in the deep ass hole.

When I said that we should not set the sexy puzzles for an interview, you kept asking why manholes have a round shapes. Now we all know why manholes are round, but the abstract class ... well you get the idea ...

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